Introducing L.E.V Lifetime Employability Value

By working side-by-side with globally leading hi-tech companies, we identify the industry’s needs and create real-time, tailored training.
We strive to create lifetime employability value for both individuals and employers by constantly teaching the next in-demand skills.

Our training programsCoding

Our industry-leading, cutting edge coding training will transform you from a tech fan to an industry-ready developer. Get your hands-on experience and the most up-to-date skills.

Product & Marketing

Grow the company’s brand and drive business success through email marketing, social media, and optimization; or shape the product’s vision – from inception to completion.


Successful business strategy is much more than good instincts; data-driven decision-making is crucial for both leading companies and nascent start-ups. Learn how to distill insights from data or shape the way companies manage their most strategic asset.