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The turn-key solution for every corporate training challenge. Close tech skill gaps in your corporate eco-system with new, measurable skills that continue to optimise.

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Impactful Skills Training Solutions,
For Every Challenge.

Skills for Your


Reskill and Upskill programs that will unleash your company’s potential in various verticals such as R&D, Business, and Data.

Skills for Your


End-to-end project management for training initiatives that impact the ecosystem outside your organisation.

Skills for Your


Make sure your customers can implement and use your products the way you intended them to, with practical workshops and bootcamps.

We Deliver Tailored, Measurable & Practical Skills Solutions.


We turn your learning and development vision into reality by analyzing your needs and constraints. Our training solutions are never the same. We build a tailored, end-to-end training solution that will meet every one of your KPIs.


Like every other business aspect in your company, learning projects should provide measurable indicators of effectiveness. Our hands-on training makes it possible to track and visualize actual skills and abilities rather than just engagement or completion rates.


Skills are only good if you can implement them in your everyday job. Our solutions make sure our learners acquire new skills by solving actual real-life challenges.


From planning the right learning and development strategy to a full execution: branding and marketing aspects (if needed), content delivery, analysis, and more. We provide you with the ultimate turn-key solution that is tailored to your needs.

Our Webinars.



How can L&D
become more measurable?

How can L&D
become more measurable?

Completion and engagement rates in L&D activities are not enough to determine ROI or business impact. Join us to learn more about the right metrics and methodologies

22.3 - 3PM CET


Fighting COVID-19
With Data

Fighting COVID-19
With Data

Join Israel’s leading epidemiologists for a fascinating talk about the role of data in one of the world’s most successful vaccination projects and how data literacy became a key for success

Transform Skills Into Business Outcomes, Today.


We offer the most in-demand skills in R&D, Data, and Business verticals.

Since we tailor our solution to your needs, our solutions can cover most industries and challenges, including communities outside of your organization.
Elevation is popular within the finance, technology and consulting industries.

Elevation is known for its’ Blended Learning methodology - combining self-learning and live guided mentorship.

Our approach, knowledge, experience, and methodology can be relevant and applied for every seniority level - from beginners to juniors and up to c-level.

Our staff of mentors comes from the leading high tech companies in the world, with practical hands-on experience, equipped with the right skills to pass their knowledge.

Unfortunately we do not. Our solutions are optimized for organizations and companies only.

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