Create ROI Driven Acquisition, Onboarding and Retention Lifecycles

It is no secret that talent acquisition became an obstacle for growth and, with the rising churn and need to constantly retrain your employees, it takes tremendous organizational resources that result in compromised outcomes.

Rebuilding tech-education, for organizations this time created an agile, always-on platform that created a one-stop-shop, performance-focused solution for your all of your challenges.

Finally, ROI Training for Organizations

Gain more control over your organization’s true professional level, with Elevation’s “Kernel” OS which creates a real-time snapshot of your organization’s level of tech-skills.

Become a more performance-focused business by continuously retraining your teams with the most up-to-date in-demand skills and evalutating their professional skillset and progress. 



Train new hires in various tech-related positions such as full-stack development, QA automation, Dev Ops and more.

We operate your own “tech-academy” and make sure to establish alignment between our curriculum and your company goals & culture, to make sure each participant can become your next hire.

This PfnP part-time course will give you a solid understanding of programming, leveraging the Python programming language. By the end of the course, you’ll understand what “code” is, how a computer understands it, and how to write it yourself.
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Onboard your next QA Automation engineers with our 12 weeks long bootcamp.
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Our 12 week full-time full-stack coding bootcamp will find, traing and onboard your next full-stack developers.


Increase your employee’s Life-Time-Employability by creating tailor-made programs that will upskill your team in product, data, coding, digital marketing, design, and more with Elevation’s Tech-Academy as a Service platform.

We work closely with you to make sure your organization will close the skills-gap by creating programs that will improve productivity, knowledge and your employee retention.

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Our 14-week part-time data analysis course will take you from a data-dodger to an active analyst. Learn from the very best and get the industry skills you were looking for, now partnering with Wix's business data specialist to meet the real-life data challenges.*** Apply now for WIX's scholarships, only at Elevation ***
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A 24-hours long workshop which will provide an extensive overview of Relational Databases. Deep understanding of SQL. Based on MS-SQL.
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Our Python 101, 24 hours long workshop will provide moderate familiarity with Python programming (variables, functions, flow control, I/O) that will help you skill-up your data analysis skills.
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Take a deep dive into advanced usage of MS Excel for data modeling and visualization. Basic statistics theories and practices required in the day-to-day of a data analyst.
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Learn practical product management skills from industry experts in our 10 weeks, part-time evening course.

Bringing Tech Academy as a Service to leading organizations