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By learning to code with guidance from our team of experienced instructors, you will acquire the most sought after skills in the tech industry.

Catch some waves

We believe that you best acquire new skills when you have the leisure of relaxing, focusing, and hanging out. This Bootcamp will take place in Panama, changing up the setting and environment from a traditional learning environment.

Launch your career

Launch your new career in web development with the guidance of our placement coordinator throughout every step of the job search process.

Meet our Experts

Jona Farache

Course Leader @Elevation

Curriculum summary


Web basics


Web Basics Drilling in


AJAX, OOP, & Handlebars




Databases & FullStack


 Data Structures & Algorithms







Module 1 Web basics

Receive an overview and basic understanding of what coding is and how it works. Practice coding while creating basic web pages

Module 2 Web Basics Drilling in

Dive deeper into web basics, learn some shortcuts with jQuery, and discover modern CSS tools.

Module 3 AJAX, OOP, & Handlebars

Start working with external data and building projects using proper coding methodology.

Module 4 Servers

Learn how to work with Node, NPM, Express, and Promises. Understand what “CRUD” means and learn and how to start implementing it.

Module 5 Databases & FullStack

Become comfortable working with a database (Mongo), persisting data, using CRUD correctly, and adding Mongoose to your Express server.

Module 6  Data Structures & Algorithms

Dive into algorithmic thinking while learning about Big O notation and efficiency in code. Practice using common Data Structures such as Sets, Stacks, Queues, Matrices, and Trees.


Module 7  React

Understand how to use React for your UI (user interface). Learn all about JSX, Components, State, the Virtual DOM, LifeCycles, and everything React-y.


Module 8  MobX

Pick up MobX as a State Manager, combining it with React to create a proper Framework. Understand the concepts of observables, stores, and more.


Module 9  SQL

Learn the most popular database for most of computing history: SQL. You will understand what “relational data” means, and how to integrate this into your existing Express apps.


Got any questions?

Why is this course relevant today?

There’s never been a better time to start a career as a web developer. As our world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the need for experienced programmers continues to grow every day. From startups to large companies, there is a consistent demand for developers who both write high-quality code and are experienced problem solvers who can design creative solutions. This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to land a job as a web developer.

Where will the coding bootcamp take place?

The coding bootcamp will take place in 2 gorgeous locations in Panama, Playa Venao and Pedasi. At both of these locations, we will be staying at Selina resorts, which include co-working spaces and beautiful accommodations. To learn more about Selina’s resorts, click here. 

What is included in the program?

This coding bootcamp will take place in gorgeous locations across Panama, so you can leave the planning to us. You will only be required to book your international flights to and from Panama. We will take care of everything else.

Our basic package includes accommodation at Selina’s Panama locations, Co-working spaces booked for us throughout the course (coffee included), transportation between airports to Selina’s locations and back, domestic flights from one location to another if needed (longest flight 1h 20m). 

Would you like to add some extra activities? Upgrade your room? – No worries, before completing the payment you’ll be able to tailor your order to your needs.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

Our curriculum is based on the most in-demand technical skills that employers look for in junior web developers. By the end of this intensive bootcamp, you will be able to:

  • Write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that displays as intended in modern browsers
  • Develop a dynamic front-end to your application through a modern framework used to create single-page apps, such as Angular or React
  • Consume web APIs from third-party sites
  • Write secure applications and deploy them to cloud services like Heroku
  • Collaborate within a team using an agile development workflow and widely-accepted collaboration practices using Git

We teach Node, MongoDB and SQL. You will be able to build interactive websites from end-to-end (client, server, and DB). Most importantly, we provide you with the tools and skills to think like a developer and quickly pick up new languages and skills on your own.

You will also participate in hackathons, group projects, mentoring, and a final project presentation.

Who is this course for?

Employers don’t just hire based on someone’s skills and qualifications, but also on their personality, work ethic and interpersonal skills. For this reason, we accept students who are not only strong analytical thinkers, but also are passionate, humble, and willing to work hard.

What is the course commitment?

The Elevation Coding Bootcamp is 12 weeks long and full-time. Actual time spent on the course consists of class on Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. There are an additional ~20 hours of homework per week.

What does a typical day look like?

Since our coding bootcamp takes place in Panama, part of the experience is enjoying what each location has to offer. A typical day may start with a yoga class or a surf lesson. We’ll then meet in class for an interactive lecture about a particular skill or topic. You will then read through the course curriculum with a partner and practice your newly learned skills by working on a coding project. Our Coding Bootcamp support team is there to offer help and guidance every step of the way.

What language is this course taught in?

English. It’s an international program, we’ll be meeting people from different places around the world.

What kind of jobs do Coding Bootcamp graduates get?

Coding Bootcampers can excel in both small and large companies. The kinds of jobs that graduates get vary and can range from Junior Front-End and Back-End Web Developers to QA positions. It all depends on the needs of the organization and on your desires and capabilities.

Can I really get a job as a junior developer after this program?

We can’t guarantee you a job, no one can. We provide all students with career development and placement assistance. However, the demand for web developers is always growing, and we do our best to prepare our students for careers as junior full-stack web developers.

What if I’m a beginner and can’t keep up with the pace?

Don’t worry! We have set up our bootcamp to ensure every student gets personalized attention and support. You’ll have our amazing Coding Bootcamp Instructor and TA available for you there at all time. We also use a blended learning model that allows students to learn at their own pace, with support and help when needed. Additionally, we’ll be working with a flexible syllabus, that will allow us to feel the class and adjust our lessons accordingly if needed, in real-time. 

Will I have to learn something before the course?

Yes. Every student must complete the pre-work at least 1 week before the start date. Completing the pre-work is very important for preparing us for day 1 of the coding bootcamp. Not completing the course pre-work might result in you having a hard time mastering the course content and completing our coding bootcamp. If you’re having trouble with the pre-work or require extra help, we offer free Pre-Work online meetups held from our Tel Aviv campus (in English).

All information regarding the Pre-Work meetups will be emailed to you upon acceptance before the course begins.

What kind of project will I work on?

Students usually work on developing a web app. Here are some examples:

Tuition and what it includes?

Tuition for our coding bootcamp is $7,000 which includes the full 12-week Coding Bootcamp, accommodation at Selina’s locations in Panama for the entire course, co-working spaces available at all times (coffee included), internal transportation from airports to Selina’s locations and back, and domestic flights between locations.