Gain a solid overview and hands on practice with programming in Python

Understand How Code Works

Dive into the mechanics of how a computer read executes code

Learn Practical, Applicable Coding Skills

Get hands on practice with reading & writing files, and writing functional, dynamic code

Increase your Productivity at Work

By implementing the tools you’ll learn in this module, you’ll be able to automate repetitive tasks and focus on the work that matters

Meet our Experts

Lotem Hiki

Instructor @ Elevation

Curriculum summary




Python Basics I


File I/O


Python Basics II


Object-Oriented Programming



Model 1 Fundamentals

 Understand what code is, and how we write it so that the computer can understand it. Download your first code editor, install Python, and set up your developer environment.

Model 2 Python Basics I

Cover the most fundamental concepts in programming: variables, operators, conditionals, lists, and loops. Get hands-on practice writing actual code.

Model 3 File I/O

Learn how to read and write from and to files using Python. Manipulate real data and update existing documents with your newfound skills. 

Model 4 Python Basics II

 Dive into functions and dicts to learn how we can write cleaner, smarter, and more maintainable code



Model 5 Object-Oriented Programming

Understand the basics of OOP; a popular concept for writing organized code.

Model 6 APIs

Find out how we can use pre-built packages to access external information and use it in our own code.

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Dates December 8 - January 7
Location Tel Aviv
TimeSunday+Tuesday, 6pm-9pm

Got any questions?

Who is this for? 


This course is built for people with zero experience in programming that are interested in learning about this world. If you have some experience, but none in Python, this course will also be interesting for you






How practical is this course?v


It’s a mostly hands-on course, meaning you will have a lot of time to write code and practice exercising in Python.


Will I be a Junior Developer after this course?

No, this course covers the fundamentals of programming, but it will give you an indication of whether you could enjoy this career.