Learn how to turn an idea into a successful product in just 10 weeks.

Master functional, applicable product management skills

Learn how to create a product roadmap, business model canvas, MVP, and more. Receive complete insight into the product development process.

Learn from industry experts

Receive relevant insight on industry trends and best practices from leading product managers in the field.

Upskill yourself

Transform yourself into an essential member of any business by understanding and managing the interplay between business, design, and technology.

Meet our Experts

Ohad Frankfurt

Partner, COO @ Elevation

Ishai Ankri

Product Manager @ Via

Itai Hershenhoren

Product Manager @ Gett

Inbal Argov

Head of Value Creation @ Homrun

Curriculum summary


Intro to Product Management


Problem & Market validation


Business Model Design


Lean Startup


Agile, Product Specification & Roadmaps


Data Driven Product Management


Communication and Stakeholders Management


Getting Hired As a PM


Final Project

Module 1 Intro to Product Management

Product management intro – A wide overview & practice of the product managers daily tasks. By the end of this unit, the students will learn the basic steps for jumpstarting their Product Management career.

Module 2 Problem & Market validation

Addressing the presence of a problem as the first step towards the solution. Once recognized, targeting its audience What is the problem you’re solving? Estimate opportunity size Identify other solutions in the market How to conduct a competitive analysis of a product or service Identify key differentiation between competitive offerings Ways to penetrate the market.

Module 3 Business Model Design

Intro to current business models in the world of B2C and B2B. Planning, Designing and Outlining the building blocks of the business.

Module 4 Lean Startup

Familiarity with the lean startup method and the reasons that led companies on all sizes, industries, and stages to implement it as part of their development strategy and general company culture.

Module 5 Agile, Product Specification & Roadmaps

Waterfall vs. Lean 5 steps of validation The lean product process Customer Development Overview Ask who is the client & how to reach them User/ Customer interview Surveys Why UX is important for Product Managers and how to implement in your day to day.

Module 6 Data Driven Product Management

Every product manager needs a north star. In this module, you will learn how to identify, measure and improve your most important Key Performance Indicator and make sure your product support your business goals Learn to select the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your product. Master the customer lifecycle and get familiar with product funnels.

Module 7 Communication and Stakeholders Management

Master the way of communicating your ideas, work with stakeholders in the organization and visualize your solutions in a persuasive manner.

Module 8 Getting Hired As a PM

Get a quick glance into the product management hiring process and learn how to approach different types of product assignments Learn how top tech companies interview process looks like. * Get Familiar with home assignments and ways to approach it *Learn what information is important to share while in a job interview for a product management position.

Module 9 Final Project

Plan, Build and Present Your First Product Strategy and Execution Plan.

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Dates March 29 - June 16
Location Tel Aviv

Got any questions?

Why is this course relevant today?

It seems that everyone has an idea about the ‘next big thing’, but few people have the practical knowledge, skills, and tools to bring a product to life. This is where Product Managers come into play. 

Product managers are critical to organizations. As the focal points between business, design, and technology, they are uniquely positioned to assess whether a product makes smart business sense, is desired by users, and is technologically feasible. Whether they’re developing their own product or working within a larger organization, product managers work with key stakeholders, designers, and developers to ensure that the final product meets both customer and business objectives.

Who is this course for?

Having experience in the high-tech industry is a big advantage in this course since much of our content is based on familiarity with today’s technological ecosystem. We want you to learn and study among potential colleagues and expand your professional network in class. Regardless of which industry you’re from, or which you want to enter, you’ll learn to launch viable, market‐ready products that anticipate user needs by making tough decisions and working with stakeholders.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly describe the role of a product manager
  • Learn to develop a product, using lean startup concepts 
  • Effectively determine key risks and assumptions of a given product in order to test them
  • Effectively define and measure KPIs
  • Develop MVPs
  • Measure a product’s success and track its lifecycle.
  • Use tools and methodologies such as: Agile, Scrum, Analytics, Wireframing, and Storyboarding.

What language is this course taught in?

This course is taught in Hebrew. However, as the startup industry often requires a working knowledge of English, all of the course presentations are in English and students are expected to present their final projects in English.

What is the course commitment?

This course takes place over 12 weeks, and meets twice a week between 6pm-9pm.

What kind of jobs do Product Management graduates get?

As a student at Elevation, you will gain both developing and researching skills in regards to products and customers. These skills will open up greater employment opportunities or allow for progress within your current role.

What will I gain from this course?

The course will introduce you to the wild and exciting world of product management, and enable you to understand and practice what product managers do in their day-to-day life.

Will I have to learn something before the course?

No. You’ll learn everything you need to know from scratch.