Webinar Summary: Considering a Train to Hire Program?

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We hosted three leaders from fast growing tech unicorns to share their insights from launching internal train to hire programs and train to hire academies.

Most events about talent shortage focus on the lack. It was amazing to see how the vibes about talent shortage change when discussing train to hire programs. It’s like a new paradigm.

The liberation from what’s available to creating an abundant potential of successful hires. Ones that fit both skill wise and culture wise is eye opening and empowering. 

The main takeaways that were shared were:

1. You need buy- in from management.

2. KPIs and a roadmap are crucial.

3. Start coordinating the stakeholders and support teams early on. Understand what they need to support your project and prepare.

4.  There are many IT and legal issues that are unique in these types of projects (ex. can someone complain if they are not hired post-training?).

5. Predefined recruitment criterias and don’t say ‘we will see who shines’

6. Build a process to monitor candidates and trainees’ satisfaction and engagement from the beginning of the training process.

7. Use this project for Marketing and market this project to boost Employer Branding.

8. Help program participants blend in the company even during their training to ensure a stronger belonging early on.

9. Consult with subject matter experts. This is a new field but there are some professionals and teams that have already spent nearly a decade developing these programs.

In addition to the great results in terms of recruitment percentage, there’s more.

The ability to affect company values like diversity rises dramatically. Moreover, Train to Hire programs work wonders for Employer Branding efforts. They prove you believe in people and their personalities more than just the skills they present off hand.

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