Elevation is now B Corp Certified, ranked among the world’s highest-impact companies.


Organizations and enterprises of all sizes are currently undergoing a crisis of faith with the public. Countless scandals, corporate injustices and broken promises have brought us to the point that people simply don’t buy the halfhearted corporate announcements claiming that their mission is to do good and benefit the society at large. Corporate social responsibility has become just another false idol worshipped by corporations that make a pretense out of caring for anything beyond their profit margins.

Yet, today our society needs private corporations to step up more than ever before in our recent history. Across the world societies are in upheaval as the pandemic wreaks havoc on governmental institutions and brings a spotlight to bear on all of our cultural, societal, and institutional dysfunctions. Governments seem apathetic and paralyzed in the face of the tectonic shifts in our climates, proven beyond any doubt to have been caused by irresponsible corporate behavior and skewed governmental policies. Public trust in the government as a functioning actor capable of fighting inequality and delivering basic services is at an all time low.    

A Force for Corporate Good

B Corps is a community and global movement of people using business as a force for good. They believe that corporations have a responsibility to the public at large, not just to their shareholders. The community is made up by Certified B Corporations, a group of businesses that have undergone B Corps vetting to prove that they seek to balance purpose and profit. All Certified B Corporations businesses are legally committed to considering the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. 

The community is focused on societal challenges like reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty, developing a healthier environment, building stronger local communities and increasing the amount of high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. 

Elevation Overall B Impact Score

Welcoming Elevation to the B Corps Community

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Elevation was recently certified as a B Corporation. We received a score of 121, the highest by far in Israel and one of the top rankings given so far around the world. 

The commendation was awarded in light of the positive impact that our core products and services deliver. The highly focused upskilling and reskilling programs that we provide to corporate customers enable them to create high-quality, dignified livelihoods for their existing and new employees. What’s more, many of our programs are utilized to upgrade the skillset of underemployed populations within societies, helping to alleviate inequalities and enhance the quality of life at large.

Our positive impact helps companies develop high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose is reducing layoffs and creating new jobs. Our focus on developing these new jobs among chronically underemployed societies that don’t normally have easy access to lucrative, dignified employment was particularly lauded by B Corp.   

Specifically, Elevation received high commendations for:

  • Maintaining corporate forms and amendments that considers stakeholders regardless of company ownership.
  • Developing targeted hiring and training programs for chronically underemployed populations.
  • Delivering products/services that enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals.

B Corporation Certification

B Corp Certification measurements go beyond product/service-level certification, instead,  judging a company’s entire societal and environmental performance. Evaluations analyze the impact of a company’s operations, and business model on workers, communities, environment and customers. Factors like philanthropy and employee benefits are taken into account, to ensure that the business meets the highest standards of performance. 

But unlike other corporate social responsibility certifications, B Corp Certification mandates transparency and accountability requirements. B Corp Certification businesses add their commitment to stakeholder impact into their legal structure, amending their legal governing documents to require their board to always balance purpose and profit. 

Companies seeking B Corporation Certification must undergo a rigorous Impact Assessment tool — B Impact Assessment. This 3-step analysis includes assessment, comparison to thousands of similar businesses and a customized improvement plan that shows companies how to measure and manage their social and environmental impact. 

Over 3,500 companies from 70 countries, including leading global corporations such as Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Greyston Bakery, Envato, Lemonade and Danone North America are part of the B Corp Community.

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