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Customer Success Vertical Leader

Tel-Aviv · Freelancer · Senior

About The Position

We are looking for an innovative Customer Success Vertical Leader to guide the development of pedagogical/learning solutions (training programs) for our business and clients. As a Vertical Leader, your duties will include evaluating organizational needs and recommending suitable pedagogical/learning solutions. You will also be required to oversee the development, testing, and implementation of these solutions.

Vertical Leader Responsibilities:

  • Developing syllabi, creating content, and defining measurable business and learning objectives based on subject matter expertise.
  • Applying subject expertise in evaluating business needs in order to translate these into comprehensive pedagogical/learning solutions.
  • Utilizing intimate knowledge of the market to help with the recruitment and onboarding of specialized trainers and content writers.
  • Overseeing the development, testing, and implementation of the pedagogical/learning solutions and evaluating their effectiveness and success.
  • Continuously revising and updating the content in the pedagogical/learning solutions and trainers to ensure they are reflective of current market trends and technologies.
  • Consulting across business operations, providing mentorship, and contributing specialized knowledge.
  • Documenting processes and disseminating information to all relevant stakeholders.


  • At least 10 years of experience working in the relevant area of expertise.
  • Advanced knowledge of business operations and project management.
  • Advanced ability to recommend and implement pedagogical/learning solutions for cross-functional projects.
  • Exceptional leadership and mentorship abilities to introduce and implement pedagogical/learning solutions.
  • Excellent recordkeeping, as well as written and verbal communication skills.
  • Availability of 15-30 hours per month

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