This is how we ride – Blended LearningMeet Kernel – Elevation’s learning operating system

Kernel is on a mission to provide our learners with an extraordinary experience. We have developed an online operating system that fully supports our classes so that you skill up in a way that is tailored for you. With Kernel you are Always On.

Get hired fasterGet the HR guidance you need so you land the tech-job you want

You got top-notch tech-skill set and now it’s time to shine. That’s why our graduates are teamed-up with Elevation’s HR experts that will tighten your CV, sharpen your Linkedin profile and get you industry-ready. Period.


No ExcusesDozens of scholarships are available for all kinds of learners

We partner with A-list companies, national educational projects, and tech organizations in order to offer as many opportunities as possible for our learners to skill up and land their first tech-job. Get in touch to learn how you too can elevate yourself.


Our industry-leading, cutting edge coding training will transform you from a tech fan to an industry-ready developer. Get your hands-on experience and the most up-to-date skills.

*Get up to 10,000 NIS scholarships for BSc graduates!!! Valid for the last Bootcamp of 2019* Our 12-week full-time coding Bootcamp will transform you into a job-ready full-stack web developer.
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Our 12-week QA Automation Bootcamp will teach you end-to-end automation languages and methodologies - from Unit Tests to Selenium and Appium UI Tests.
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Become a Junior DevOps Engineer in only 12 weeks.
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Study in breathtaking Panama and become a full stack web developer in 12 weeks while enjoying the perfect work-life balance at Selina’s Panama locations.

Product & Marketing

Learn how great product managers and marketeers grow their company’s brand and drive business success through email marketing, social media, shaping product vision and execution.

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Learn practical product management skills from industry experts in our 10 weeks, part-time evening course.
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Our 10-week part-time digital marketing course will help you build your career as a digital marketer.
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Our 3-day course will help you kickstart your career in Facebook marketing.
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Our 3 day Google Ads Marketing workshop will teach you the most important advertising and marketing skills in the industry today.
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Our 3-day community management course will teach you how to grow strong, active communities both online and offline.


Successful business strategy is much more than good instincts; data-driven decision-making is crucial for both leading companies and nascent start-ups. Learn how to distill insights from data or shape the way companies manage their most strategic asset.

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A 24-hours long workshop which will provide an extensive overview of Relational Databases. Deep understanding of SQL. Based on MS-SQL.
Take a deep dive into advanced usage of MS Excel for data modeling and visualization. Basic statistics theories and practices required in the day-to-day of a data analyst.
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Our Python 101, 24 hours long workshop will provide moderate familiarity with Python programming (variables, functions, flow control, I/O) that will help you skill-up your data analysis skills.
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Our 14-week Part-time Data Analysis course will take you from a data-dodger to an active analyst.

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