The Learning and development Industry keeps its momentum

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The Skill Gap is Growing

Recruiting permanent and talented employees has become a difficult task to fulfill; The younger generations are less concerned about switching jobs if they don’t feel they can grow in their workplace, all the while, there’s a constant need for a “personal upgrade” that urges employees to acquire new skills outside their workplace and maintain their relevance to the job market.

Those two reasons along with others (which are summarized in our L&D industry  overview report 2022), make the recruitment processes more challenging than ever.

Mobilizing People Inside the Organization – #Reskilling

Despite the challenge, there’s a silver lining – this new employment world has generated plenty of new opportunities within organizations. By supporting in-house trainings or academies,  you can now help your employees’ personal #development by granting  them the opportunity they truly seek to #upskill within their profession or #reskill to a new one – all while keeping them inside your organization and saving on the many resources needed to find new ones.

Leverage the Leverage

As you can read in the attached overview of L&D trends, learning can become a growth engine if you know how to play the game.
Since trends change over time, you – as a team leader, or a Learning and Development manager, should define and plan the strategy to help accomplish your business KPIs.
The L&D goals can support your KPIs for growth if you combine elements like: Employee skill development, support via learning systems (like Elevation’s services), diverse hybrid mix (to maintain diversity methods suitable to learners’ needs) and define goals and measurements.
Reskill or upskill program with an  in-house training academy that leverages your employees , can help your team get the right skills your business needs to perform; while boosting their personal and professional skills. The benefits are likely to perform both on a micro level for the employees and on the macro level – the company’s skill set.

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