Between 30 and 100 hoursOur part-time programs

Get to upskill your career in our part-time evening programs. 30-100 hours.
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Our business data analysis gives you the opportunity to achieve your dream and enter the hottest job market. In accordance with the new reality, we offer a hands-on online course that allows you to join in from anywhere in the country. 14 fascinating weeks of gathering, analyzing, managing, collecting, and communicating data. It is your opportunity to professionally align with the forefront of the data-tech and the high-tech industry.

1-3 daysWorkshops

Get new, up-to-date tools in 1-3 days workshops.
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A 24-hours long workshop which will provide an extensive overview of Relational Databases. Deep understanding of SQL. Based on MS-SQL.
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Our Python 101, 24 hours long workshop will provide moderate familiarity with Python programming (variables, functions, flow control, I/O) that will help you skill-up your data analysis skills.

Meet our Experts

Elad Peleg

Data Professional and instructor, Specialize in BI and development training

Ron Nahshon

Data & Risk Squad, Lemonade

Tsahi Zevi

Course Instructor