Between 30 and 100 hoursOur part-time programs

Get to upskill your career in our part-time evening programs. 30-100 hours.
Take a deep dive into advanced usage of MS Excel for data modeling and visualization. Basic statistics theories and practices required in the day-to-day of a data analyst.
Our Python 101, 24 hours long workshop will provide moderate familiarity with Python programming (variables, functions, flow control, I/O) that will help you skill-up your data analysis skills.
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Our 14-week Part-time Data Analysis course will take you from a data-dodger to an active analyst.

Meet our Experts

Elad Peleg

Data Professional and instructor, Specialize in BI and development training

Ron Nahshon

Data & Risk Squad, Lemonade

Tsahi Zevi

Course Instructor