Between 30 and 100 hoursOur part-time programs

Get to upskill your career in our part-time evening programs. 30-100 hours.
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Learn practical product management skills from industry experts in our 10 weeks, part-time evening course.
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Our 10-week part-time digital marketing course will help you build your career as a digital marketer.

1-3 daysWorkshops

Get new, up-to-date tools in 1-3 days workshops.
Our 3-day course will help you kickstart your career in Facebook marketing.
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Our 3 day Google Ads Marketing workshop will teach you the most important advertising and marketing skills in the industry today.
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Our 3-day community management course will teach you how to grow strong, active communities both online and offline.

Meet our Experts

Hadas Emily Lieberman

Marketing Consultant & CEO @ Digital Girl

Ishai Ankri

Product Manager @ Via

Barak Ben Shimon

Lecturer, The College of Management & Academic Studies