Webinar Summary: Quick tips to create a data mindset


Our data mindset and tool webinar series indicate that building a data driven organization is one of the most common goals big companies share. 
And like many good things – it takes time.

Getting employees to feel comfortable with data based discussions. 
Moving from intuition and guess work to data driven objectives and solutions.

Our community of data driven leaders met last month and shared their tips on how to start a movement. Even without creating great changes from day one.

We created a full cheat sheet that elaborates on these 7 tips. 

However, here is a short takeaway list if you just want to get inspired:

1. Move from intuition to data based discussions.
If someone says I think that – ask how they know.

2. Start with yourself and your inner circle.
Invest time to educate yourself. Courses are accessible and organizations are willing to support their employees who are eager to learn.

3. Lead by example
If you want your team to speak data – you have to speak the language too. 

4.  Build a conductive environment where team members can learn and experiment
Training sessions can help ease the fear of data and numbers. 

5. Make data accessible to all
Build dashboards that are an easy access point for all. 

Enable an easier dive into data by focusing on accessible data and consolidating it

Liudmila Hack from BASF

6. Create a conducive environment where team members can learn and experiment. 

7. Introduce the north star metric or a key metric.
Create a metric that your whole team or organization can focus on. 
Fast moving companies tend to uncover one key metric that indicates their growth.
There are three steps to implement it in any company.

The bottom line of building a data mindset is to adapt simple steps that create a culture. 
The tips above were shared by leaders from organizations like BASF, Marley Spoon and Ericsson. Get our cheat sheet to learn more about how to take your first steps.

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