Why Is Upskilling Employees So Important?

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We’re sure most people reading these lines have experienced the following situation. If you started working at a young age, and have gone through several jobs during your career, you most likely have experienced, at least once, a workplace that appears to be stuck decades ago. The filing system is old, everything’s written on paper, and stacks of it are lying around. Any attempts you make to improve the work and make it efficient haven’t been met with great success. Rings a bell?

We are just a few weeks from starting 2023, and almost three years after the pandemic began, many rules have changed, creating this new, exciting work environment we all need to navigate in: Employees and managers have changed their mindsets, job losses, layoffs, and “the great resignation” have made it crucial for companies to create value for their employees. In creating such value, organizations can tremendously benefit from financial increases and reserving trained, skilled human capital.

Upskilling as a tool for providing value while staying on top:

Technology keeps evolving, which is great but might be challenging to keep up with. 

As studies show, an upskilling program is an effective way to provide your team members with such value and lead your organization to success.
Before we get started, let’s define upskilling. As Merriam-Webster defines it, upskilling is “the development of advanced skills (such as employees) through additional education and training.”

The benefits of providing opportunities for your employees:

The benefits of upskill training for employees are clear – gaining new skills, feeling personal growth, and developing your career. But we also need to understand how creating an in-house training program for upskilling can help the organization reach some of its most important KPIs.

  1. The Values:

Offering employees opportunities such as upskill programs can increase employee satisfaction, leading to better engagement and performance while creating your organization’s dream team. 

  1. Position yourself as an attractive employer in the job market:

Investing in learning and development opportunities for your team members directly affects your employer branding, improving it tremendously: By doing so, more and more employees will recommend your organization as a great workplace. Glint reports show that employees who feel cared are 3.2X more happy at work and 3.7X more likely to working for their company. 

  1. Create and retain talents you need for organizational growth:

Uncovering talents or training them to upskill their game, can greatly benefit your organization. By creating a healthy work environment and ensuring your employees maximize their potential, they will wish to maintain their positions, leading to positive organizational growth, based on high-quality human capital.

  1. Provide yourself with recruitment solutions:

These are challenging times for the job market. By operating an in-house training academy, you can overcome the talent shortage, and instead of looking for them outside, you can upskill potential talents from within the organization and ensure a steady stream of your recruitment pipeline.
By reskilling existing employees, you not only increase the retention ratio, but also save money- it’s more cost-effective than hiring a new employee.

  1. Building a strong, winning team by providing specific employee training:

Keeping your employees relevant keeps the organization relevant. Educating, training, and developing your workforce, helps you to retain them. With employee training as a solution for providing your employees with personal growth opportunities, you can eventually assure yourself of the talents you want and need.

So where to start if you wish to implement an upskill training?

Let’s go back to the example of the place you started working at all these years ago.

Upskilling could have made some real, needed changes to the workplace and its employees by reducing inefficiency.
Luckily, the awareness of corporate training has increased, and management is beginning to realize the value of employee training. 

Elevation specializes in creating, developing, and implementing custom in-house training for your organization, which ensures employee development and, ultimately, organizational success. Building your own training academy is possible, but takes a lot of time and effort.

We can help you upskill your staff in the most efficient way. Start your success journey with Elevation right here.

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