Webinar Summary: Fighting Covid-19 With Data

Don’t miss out the takeouts from our webinar with Israel’s leading epidemiologists about the role of data in one of the world’s most successful vaccination projects and how data literacy became a key for success

Data literacy as a business strategy

The future of the workplace is now, and data literacy at every level of the corporate hierarchy is essential to drive a competitive edge and ensure productive, effective workflows.

Redefining L&D Success Metrics

Technology is upending the way we measure the success and it is about time we had a talk about how Elevation is looking at learning and development (L&D) programs.

HR Tips: Change Management During the Coronavirus Crisis

New work practices adopted by organizations following the outbreak of the COVID-19 will become an integral part of their post-crisis routine. How should you prepare for this kind of future? We took part in an Elevation webinar in order to find out

7 Global HR Trends Worth Paying Attention To

Working from home more, emphasizing career development and seeking more significance: the world of HR is constantly evolving. This is the direction the employment market is headed in 2020

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