Turn good people
into great employees.

Launch training programs to give your candidates the exact knowledge and tools you need.
Focus your hiring on their experience and capabilities. We will help you turn them into your dream team.

Partners & Customers

Build your dream team.

While every HR manager is on the hunt for great talent, you can stay ahead by training them yourself. Give candidates another great reason to join you.


Launch a train to hire program within 30 days. Have your new employees deliver results faster than ever. Customize your  training solutions to your business needs and launch immediate training from the best in the market.

Double check

Enjoy another look at the candidates you want to hire.
See how they adapt, learn and work.


Assess your candidates' training developments through hands-on projects. Use Elevation’s assessments to get the best understanding of your candidates’ potential.


Turn hiring into an easier task. With candidates that get more from you than other organizations their choice will be easier and preference towards your employment higher.

Measurable & Practical Skills
for fast return.

Tap onto the talent potential
that the biggest companies enjoy.


What kind of skills can I train my candidates with?
We offer the most in-demand skills in R&D, Data,Product, Marketing, Sales, Customers and HR verticals.
Will you assess the potential of the trained candidates?
Our assessment tools are an inclusive part of our Academies. You will know much more about your candidates and what exact positions they will shine in once they complete the training process.
Where do your trainers come from?
Our staff of mentors comes from the leading high tech companies in the world, with practical hands-on experience, equipped with the right skills to pass their knowledge.
Can you help me to recruit/build the candidate base that I am interested in training?
Our services include branding, advertising, screening candidates, and overall pipeline management that can form your pull of candidate on the basis of the training initiative.
What training methodology do you use?
Elevation is known for its’ Blended Learning methodology - combining self-learning and live guided mentorship.
Do your services apply to a certain knowledge level?
Our approach, knowledge, experience, and methodology can be relevant and applied for every seniority level - from beginners to juniors and up to c-level.
Do you offer solutions for private individuals who seek to reskill/upskill?
Unfortunately we do not. Our solutions are optimized for organizations and companies only.

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