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Full Time DevOps Instructor

· Full-time

About The Position

Elevation's DevOps course is a new venture that we are building from the ground up. 

The purpose is to take people who have some knowledge in programming (Python, Linux), and turn them into industry-ready Junior DevOps Developers.

As the Lead Instructor, your job will ultimately be to teach the content itself (lecturing), be with the students, and help hire assistant instructors where relevant.

You will also be in charge of the written content, creating projects for the students, and other administrative tasks related to managing a course.

Note that this is not an academic course - it is entirely hands-on, project-based, and industry-driven.


You should have experience with the following:

- Python, Linux

- Source Control; Git, Github

- Virtualization & Cloud Infrastructure

- AWS/Azure/Google Cloud

- Configuration Management

- CI/CD, best practices for automation

- Binary Repositories, Artifactory/Nexus

- Docker

- Orchestration (bonus)

- The ELK stack

-Fluent in English/Russian

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